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CBI Agent Stacy Galbraith's Telephone Interview on September 5 with Nichol Kessinger's High School Friend Charlotte Nelson [60th Tranche]

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  1. CBH

    At that late date NK seemed still very iffy about CW.
    Her longtime friend definitely views her as having had the bad luck to get mixed up with CW and is worried for her.
    She says NK felt partially responsible, but CW really had misled her, making it sound as though he and Shannan were at the end stage of an amicable divorce which they both wanted.
    Looks like for NK, CW was the last in a long line of problematic men, and this time she really hit the jackpot. It’s a shame that her professional work has been destroyed, at least at Anadarko.

  2. Sylvester

    This Charlotte Nelson seems a bit evasive – she says she probably deleted whole conversations and pictures from Nikki, that they had gone to Verizon to get a new phone because her old one wasn’t working too well, and she had been drinking alot after her father passed away – which is pretty much letting the investigator know she might not know what she said or be responsible for what she said. She’s also afraid her own personal information about boyfriends might be made public. I think Nichole’s friend Jim might have more information than Charlotte but he wasn’t brought into it nor do we have a last name.

  3. Ralph Oscar

    That “Most Hated Woman In America” graphic – I don’t see how anyone can compare Krystal Lee, who helped cover up the murder of Kelsey Berreth, with Nichol Kessinger, who simply dated a man who presented himself as available even though he was married and who went on to murder his family.
    Krystal Lee all the way.

    • Diana

      Ralph Krystal Lee didn’t murder babies. I agree she’s still a disgusting liar though.
      CBH while you may feel bad that NKs “professional work has been destroyed, at least at Anadarko”, ….She knew the rules. Apparently fraternizing between employees was forbidden, she broke the rules. But I’ve never believed she was involved in the murders and I do feel bad for what she’s been through. I don’t think it’s anyone’s place to judge her for seeing CW.
      I have a question if anyone could clarify please! At the beginning of the info Nick posted above, there’s some question regarding if Nelson was talking or texting with NK because a “900” number was used, then other times it was a “720” number. I do remember that NK had only one phone that she used for personal and work. I’m not into conspiracy theories, and I’ve never though NK was complicit in the murders, but, does the “900” number mean NK had a burner phone? Does anyone else understand that part above when it’s mentioned there’s 2 different phone numbers? Last thing I want to do is feed a conspiracy either, but I’d appreciate others thoughts on that “900” number!

      • Kaye

        Yes that 900 number reference is strange. Maybe that was the reason that NK said her phone was acting strange and that she needed to get a new phone at Verizon? In any case it’s very coincidental that this conversation occurs on the actual day that Chris committed the murders. Are we supposed to believe that NK never once told her best friend that entire summer about Chris? Pretty convenient that Charlotte had no texts before August 21 with NK to prove that. This case has so many missing pieces.

  4. AnVaYa

    I’m a Verizon customer. I have received several texts from Verizon Wireless starting with “90008000xxxx” similar to the # referenced above, with the last 4 digits variable (4000, 4007, etc). Thinking it may be messaging from or through Verizon? Could it also be sending a text from a computer to a Verizon customer or sending a message to a mobile number or email address from Verizon messages online?

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