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Shan’ann’s 39-year-old cousin Jyssica Onorati Committed Suicide on August 12th, 2016

Looking at Jyssica Onorati’s Facebook page, 90% of her posts are aphorisms and affirmations. There is a tragic absence of personal color and people in her social media.

Shan’ann Watts was friends with Jyssica on Facebook and “liked” several of her posts.

Sandi Onorati was friends with Jyssica’s mother Audrey. It seems the unusual spelling of names comes from the Onorati side of the family.

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  1. CBH

    On Shannan’s side of the family as well as Watts’s, genetic/psychological etiology markers for trouble.

    • Mother of jyssica

      You don’t know shit.. get a life jackass

    • Jyssicas mom

      Wrong! Do your research before you open your pie hole….

  2. Ralph Oscar

    She looks a lot like NUA…

    You can really see Shan’Ann’s family resemblance to her mom.

  3. Audrey onorati

    I am appalled at this article!!! I am the mother of Jyssica “Livingston” where you get your information from is absolutely ridiculous!!!!! If you want to know ANYTHING ANOUT MY DAUGHTERS LIFE ADK ME DON’T ASSUME-!!!! Get a life you idiots!!!

    • Ralph Oscar

      Hi, Audrey, and welcome to the site. I speak for everyone here that we’re sorry for your loss.

      • Jyssicas mother

        thank you but the only reason I came to this site was because it was brought to my attention that it was posted and I am very unhappy about this article. No one knows who my daughter was and the good she did in her life…. people always look for the bad and never ask about the bright side of her life. Those who know NOTHING about the events of Suicide need to do some research before they write a BS post.. what a better world it would be.

        • JC

          Audrey, I’m so sincerely sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter. I just made a donation in Jyssica’s memory to

          I think Jyssica would approve. Compassion from internet strangers can come in some unexpected places. My hope is that anyone visiting this post will consider doing the same.

          • Jyssicas Mom

            Thank you so much ♥️ You are so kind to do so 💞

  4. Christabelle crews

    What kind of idiots are you people…You have no clue about anything going on someones page to assume what you think so you can be relevant with what’s going on in the news. You know nothing about the family on either sides if you don’t know some one personally you should talk to the people who do, like maybe her mother these people are beautiful human beings as was my sister.I am Jyssica Livingston’s sister and you people ought to be ashamed of yourselves. God Bless you. Let my beautiful sister and her beautiful cousin SIP.

  5. Jyssicas mother

    Nickvdl you are a pice of shit for posting this. Hope you rot in hell

  6. Josh

    This is ridiculous my wife is a long time friend of Jyssica and she talks about how amazing of a person she was all the time. She always tells me she was the kindest and most warm hearted person she ever known. These accusations are wrong you know nothing about her and to make an article about someone and making them look bad when she’s not even here to defend herself discusses me. Leave her alone people are still mourning for her loss every time my wife looks at her tattoos she cry’s because jyssica is the one who did them she was an amazing person no one knew she was suicidal. Just because some psychopath killed her cousin doesn’t mean she has anything to do with it. So go fuck off.

  7. Dan

    Just so everyone related to Shan’ann and/or Jyssica knows, I have been reading the comments on this site for a very long time and I can tell you for a fact that Nick Van Der Leek will use your comments to disparage Shanann’s “side of the family” even more. Just wait, the next article he will write will be about how no one from the Watts family “attacked” him for his wonderful journalism, but a ton of people from Shanann’s family “attacked” him and this is just even more proof that he is right and that her side of the family is full of low class “crazy” people. His #1 fan named “Shannon” (or is it actually him) will rejoice in your angry comments and write snide remarks while drunk and safe in her anonymity(vile and vicious person who loves hurting people who are already in mourning). Anyone who comments on this site with ANY sense of decency for the dead is blocked and chastised, and their comments later deleted so that it looks like everyone agrees with the authors absolute hatred of women, children and the dead.

    • nickvdl

      Hi Dan

      Thanks for your comment. TCRS tries to remain neutral so it’s a problem that you think it’s biased one way or the other.

      You seem to think the coverage here is one-sided. Chris Watts is supported and right, and Shan’ann is the evil enemy who deserved to die, deserves to be criticized and she had it coming? Do I have that right, the way you’d describe how this case is viewed here?

      If you’ve spent a little time on this site you may have noticed that almost every aspect that is analysed about one person, is mirrored by similar analysis of the other. You seem to be upset about the coverage here about a suicide on Shan’ann’s side of the family. There is also coverage of a suicide on Watts’ side of the family.

      There is a post looking at Shan’ann’s “rags to riches” backstory.

      And there is one on Watts’ backstory ito humble beginnings.

      There are posts dealing with where Shan’ann’s mother works and those dealing with where Watts’ father works.

      There are some posts that express sympathy for Shan’ann and some that express not sympathy but a sense of trying to make sense out of the bag of cats that is Watts’ mind.

      If you’d like to suggest a few posts that will fairly address Chris Watts’ side of the equation, let us know. Perhaps there is a psyche evaluation we’re not aware of, or some other affair he had that’s not public knowledge. Or if you think we’ve missed positive aspects of Shan’ann’s personality, let us know. But the idea isn’t to take anyone’s side – Shan’ann’s or Watts’ – one more than the other. So if you’re unhappy that we’re not 100% on Shan’ann’s side, that’s a pity. We’re here to find out what happened, not to take sides. Obviously it is tragic and very, very unfair, and very, very wrong what happened to Shan’ann and those two beautiful girls.

      It shouldn’t be necessary in true crime to say that a crime was wrong or evil, but perhaps it is necessary to be more explicit about that in this case. Does making Watts more or less evil make us understand how or why what he did better or worse? Personally I don’t find different degrees of good or evil helpful, things are simply the way they are and we try to find out what things were really like if we can.

      What’s difficult is the Watts family have provided very few interviews and there seems to be less information available on them as a whole. Watts’ sibling is also more secretive and less public than Frankie Rzucek. Many people associated with this case – like Nichol Kessinger – have closed their social media accounts or limited one’s ability to look at it.

      It is unfortunate that despite this site being out there for six months, I think it’s fair to say that no one – not friends, family, law enforcement, or simply people who know the folks involved, have contacted this site to provide any information. No insight, background, facts, photos or other information. Why do you think that is? Why do we have to dig when there are dozens of people who could simply explain what they saw and experienced firsthand, and thus resolve some of things we’re trying to figure out sooner than later?

      There have been some people who have kindly gone out of their way to photograph properties and report on various aspects. I won’t go into that here, but it is disappointing the lack of interest folks who are at the center of this case to provide answers. Probably what they would like most is to forget about everything, and preferably that nothing is spoken or written about it. That’s understandable, but death tends to persist, and without a court case, that question – why? – tends to persist as while. That’s what we’re here to try to figure out even if some folks would rather we didn’t. And perhaps society and certain people can benefit from knowing why a terrible thing happened, so they can make sure it doesn’t happen to them, or to those near and dear.

  8. annika

    nothing bad was said about this person. this is so sad and she seemed like a lovely, beautiful talented woman. it’s very sad. i don’t get any feelings of hate from the author. just information. now i know who this woman was and i will mourn her.

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