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Guest Post: “Jamie was not present during [Nut Gate]”

A friend of the Watts family has reached out to CrimeRocket to publish the following  Guest Post. The statement below has not been edited or redacted in any way.

It has come to the attention of the Watts family that portions of early materials and sketches from a book Kathleen McKenna Hewtson is working on with them have been passed around in social media platforms before the first word of the eventual book has even been laid down.

 The Watts family is shocked and appalled that this has happened.

 This has been made possible because it is Mrs. Hewtson’s practice to write on a continuum with her subjects, who are encouraged to take part in molding her finished product. She has to capture their voices accurately and to try to say what they would say. To Mrs. Hewtson, what she is writing isn’t a “story” at all; what she wants to reflect, as best she can, is the reality of her subjects’ lives.

 Luckily, her materials and sketches themselves haven’t been leaked, only a skewed version of what she is trying to achieve, based on assumptions she has played no part in informing.

 This leak came as a surprise to the Watts family, as what was released in some parts of social media – and subsequently to Reddit – was in no way a reflection of the book itself, or of the Watts’ intentions for it.

 Reddit is an extremely large and well-informed network, so the fact that this portion has been leaked on a platform that big comes not without its interest. But it has certainly taken the Watts family by surprise, as sometimes media interest runs ahead of the family’s wishes, and of its best interests. And so the Watts are still trying to digest and embrace the impact that a release of this magnitude can have.

 We all love a good crime story, but at the end of the day we must remember that it’s not a “crime story” to those who suffer from the crime; it’s their daily reality. So we should never forget the victims, who find themselves repeatedly effaced by those who seek to rewrite the truth they are living in agonizing detail hour by hour. They are not participating in a tacky made-for-TV reality show; they are living their actual lives, and having to come to terms – slowly and painfully – with the sledgehammer that hit them the day the crime went down.

There have been so many misconceptions about the events leading up to the murders. For instance, Jamie was not present during the visit on the afternoon of July 8th 2018 where it has been said that she was placing a bowl of nuts in reach of Cece and Bella that very afternoon. On the contrary, Jamie dropped off her children at her parents home with Cindy, Shanann, and the girls that morning between 10am and 11am in order to tend to a work emergency. She then left immediately to get to her patient. She never returned to the Watts residence that day. This is just one of many misapprehensions out there on social media continuously bringing hatred and shame upon anyone other than Chris Watts himself. 



  1. Sassy tech

    The Watts family should really just stop. The more statements that come out to explain things the worst they look. And I have read has been leaked and no way will anyone believe it isn’t a rough draft of the book. Cindy is trying to makes herself look like a shiny penny but she really is looking like a rusty coin. Just stop already. Way too much has come out of that camp to repair anyone’s reputation. Not to mention who cares what others think. They were not a big part of Chris life. Own it. Stop trying to explain things they don’t know much about. Also, the fact that Cindy admits she didn’t believe that the girls had but allergies makes nutgate believable and he fact that Cindy was careless with nuts around the girls.

    • dana426

      I’ll have to re-read Shan’anns text messages about ‘Nutgate”. If she claims Jaime was there the she was. I believe nothing the lying Watts clan has to say.

      • JW

        Why? Because shannan was murdered, doesn’t mean she was honest, nice, truthful, or anything else. She was a person who I am sure lied, acted ugly, etc., her being a victim doesn’t mean she’s now a saint.

  2. Watt in the Heck

    Ok here is where the leaked book or sketch confuses me. Mel a friend of the family goes into Jay is for Justice to state there is not a book. Mel claims to be a spokesperson for the family as well as this guest author says they are. So who is lying? Mel or Kathleen? The parts of the book that are online are horrific because it does not mention the pain of loss of the victims her son murdered. In fact Cindy’s “thoughts” are only humiliating towards SW and almost relishing in her death. This is not normal. She speaks as if she is the only victim of her son as well. Give me a break. Cindy is alive. Then Jamie who changes only her name in the book seems as if she is bent in facts as well. I have listened to podcasts with Mel and Kel describing these wedding events and the details change. Even Chris states it was happiest day of his life but the ficus is mockery and cruelty. Who gives a crap if Jamie a trained respiratory therapist left a few minutes before or after. The fact is Jamie knows the danger of this allergy and should be more concerned about her nieces safety than calling Sandy Rzuesck a liar. I assume that’s what this is. Bc Cindy has to make Sandy a liar in this book. My heart goes out to this author. They will be sued. Do not go off fake information. I also am curious about the screenshot. Are the Watts claiming Chris is not on board or the poster is a liar bc if so please show proof from Chris he is not on board

    • dana426

      “Kathleen McKenna Hewtson is working on this book with the Watts” clan?

  3. Tamara

    Are these Watts supporters for REAL? To actually take the time to make this post is truly absurd. Who CARES if his sister was there that day? Do they actually think this is something that matters or that people think about? They are OBSESSED with downing this victim. I’ve never seen anything so truly f***d up in my life.

  4. Anna

    I believe the Watts’ are only looking for sympathy for them and their son. I don’t believe her story at all. I mean their son learned to be a good lier from someone. The only one Cindy talked good about was Jamie or Shara which ever she’s going by today. I believe Cindy and daughter were jealous and intimidated by Shannan from day one. They didn’t want another woman in CW’s life that could outdo either of them. The entire family should have been in counseling. Wasn’t their daughter on her second marriage? But Shannan was put down bcuz she had divorced her first husband? They need to admit to what their son did to his wife, unborn son and two little daughters. No instead they want the world to feel bad for them and their family. They can still talk to and visit their son. But he ruined another 𝑭𝒂𝒎𝒊𝒍𝒚 for the rest of their lives. They’ll never recover from what he did to their daughter, unborn grandson and both little grand daughters. None of these people could fight back. There were marks on his neck but he told the investigators it was a bug bite. It looked like Bella was fighting him for her life and that made him angry with her and that’s when he caused all of her injuries. I wouldn’t believe a word that any of the Watts’ say. Like I said they all need to be in counseling. They will continue to believe their own lies and continue with their pity party. They need to pick up their broken pieces that their son broke and get on with the truth and their lives. After all, they’re all still alive…right. No one did anything to any of them.

  5. richard

    Jus been reading about ‘John Sharp’ and his family annihilation.
    Amazingly there are a few similarities apart from using a spear gun instead or strangulation.

  6. Leah

    I don’t understand all the hate towards the Watts family, they are just as much victims as the Rzuceks. Nobody can put a date on when their grief should stop and they should start condemning their son. They are slowly coming to that realization. I don’t see why people are outraged over Cindy’s first interviews, which was at a time when they were told Shan’ann killed the kids. You cannot blame all the problems they had with their daughter in law on them, there are always two sides to every story and then the truth. The same thing is happening now with the Michael Jones Jr case, people are accusing the ex-wife of being involved with no proof, just their “emotions”. Please step back and put yourselves in these victims shoes, because whether you like it or not, the Watts are victims and deserve time to process all their conflicts regarding Chris and Shan’ann. If you think you are above them because you think something like this could never happen to you or your family then you are dreaming.

  7. Been There

    My advice to Kathleen is run away from your book contract with this family. I was personally told the cross contamination story and the wedding invitation story by Jamie as well. Never once did Cindy say she actually mailed the invites and called the people. There was also the fact the Jamie said “f you” many times during the wedding process. She told me she refused to cooperate with any arrangements for nail, and hair that week. They were not wanting him to marry Shan’ann. Cindy cried at the beach proposal bc she did not want this marriage. Again ask who paid for the beach trip. Ask for proof. The nickname of Chris with a hyphen was Shanann trying to laugh and be funny when the Watts family made fun of her name. The embezzlement story was made up by Jamie and Cindy there is zero evidence of that. The Watts family has the dna from prosecution team of Nico but blamed Shanann as a cheater. Ask Jamie what ended her first marriage and how much her family paid for that wedding. Also Chris asked for $1000 toward rehearsal dinner bc it’s his first wedding and the parents pay for rehearsal by tradition. The actual cost was much more but the Watts family would not even pay for their own food. Again watch liability You do realize that parent plus loans are different than student loans. You may want to check your facts in where the money actually went. This was a time of Ronnie using Cocaine and the Watts needed money. I don’t mean that harshly and I’m glad he is better. Ask Cindy if there is evidence of where that check was deposited. Ask Cindy about how she treated. Chris differently growing up. Jamie will tell you about Cindy’s mom. Chris was her favorite. Cindy may have resented that bc she had a bad relationship with her mother. Chris felt awkward playing sports and was told he was “weak”. The details of why Chris left the letter are important. Jamie was the mother figure and fixer for Chris. Ask her if she met Chris at the beach and what her solution was about the pregnancy. Ask her if it is connected to why she did not go to Colorado when the girls were missing . The mistake is that people are telling events that are twisted to justify their emotions. Remember one thing the DA went and spoke with Ronnie and Cindy and told them everything they had bc they were victims. They told them the same thing they told the Rzuecks. Write as a journalist minded person and do not believe anything you can’t valudate with proof .

    • Jojo

      Please share this on the Chris Watts Reddit. Speculation is rampant on that sub.

    • Karen

      That’s what I mean. I would much rather hear from someone that has no dog in the fight

    • stellla81

      Neither Frank nor Sandi nor Frankie Jr. went to CO either when Shanann and the girls were missing. So are you alluding that any family member who didn’t go to CO when Shanann and the girls were missing was part of the crime? Come on now… I know who you are, “Been There”. It’s time to stop twisting and spinning words and claiming that your outlandish theories are facts.

    • jsussex

      Curious about a whole new dynamic about student loans in the parents’ names? Who went to college? Chris went to a trade school before he met SW, right? So, I don’t think Parent Plus loans would have been taken out coeval to when the wedding happened? Did I miss something?

      I do know that if the Watts parents’ had done some bad business with loans, then collectors are very persistent. Could the added stress of student loans for Chris be bothering them and have caused them to lash out at SW if his parents thought he had an outstanding financial obligation with them to honor? Could this have been why they hated SW and her family, resisting their union, if they thought Chris owed them money?

      I’m just wondering. I don’t know who you are and what your relation to this family entails. However, that could be one piece of the puzzle.

  8. peggy

    i agree…and to say we all enjoy a good crime story, well not this one, sister…and what does Jaime not being at Grandmas house have to do with the murders, because that’s what were talking about, not some BS Cindy Watts nut story

  9. Karen

    Do yo believe everything you hear especially from a family of liars

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