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True Crime Rocket Science Badge is yours – if you can answer this question

So you think you’re a True Crime Rocket Scientist? Einstein once said he’s not necessarily smarter than anyone else, the difference is he sticks with a problem longer than others do, or others have.


In true crime that’s often the difference between interesting insights and gamechanging insights. So how about this one? I’ll make it easy for you by identifying it, all you have to do is find it. [It’s a lot harder looking for something without knowing it’s out there, and harder still to know what to do with it once you do find it.]

So here it is.

In September 1998, 11-year-old Burke Ramsey sat down with Boulder dectective Dan Schuler for about six hours over of the course of several days. This interview has been suppressed from the public until 2016 when CBS and Dr. Phil aired parts of it.

At one point in the interview Schuler takes a sip of Burke’s soda, which upsets Burke so much, Burke doesn’t drink from the soda again. Who or what is the source of this information?

If you can find the source of this information [social media doesn’t count] then you may just be a rocket scientist.

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  1. sunnie23

    James Kolar, lead investigator
    Foreign Faction, Who Really Killed Jon Benet?
    (Burke did)

    • nickvdl

      Nice job.

  2. Cody

    Boulder district attorneys office?

  3. Cotton Star

    The source is Dr. Bernhard. This event occurred in her 1997 interview with Burke Ramsey.

    • nickvdl

      Nice going Cotton Star. But what I’m looking for are the source documents. The closest I have found is this [see link below] but it’s referencing the Lifetime movie as a source. The scene is actually dramatized in the movie. If Bernhard said it, or experienced it, where’s that?

      One additional point: there is a can of soda on the table beside Burke in both interviews.

      While being evaluated at the Child Advocacy Center, JonBenét’s older brother Burke got angry when the interviewer drank from his soft drink can, alluding to the theory that Burke might’ve killed his sister.

      • Cotton Star

        I believe it’s Kolar in Foreign Faction. He interviewed Dr. Bernhard on Dec 1, 2005. Kolar describes this moment when reviewing the tape of the interview.

        • nickvdl

          100%. Looks like you win the award. It’s from page 349 of Foreign Faction:

          Dr. Berhard had mistakenly taken a sip from Burke’s soda can [suggesting there were initially two on the table]. He [Burke] seemed to bristle at the intrusion…

          • Ralph Oscar

            Looks to me like sunnie23 got there first.

  4. Shannon

    Burke did it. His sister I believe ate his pineapple.

  5. robynhollidaY

    Burke’s 1998 police interview with Schuler

  6. Barbara Chaney

    Just found it. Had to log onto Instagram for the first time in years and change password etc but ,(without cheating!) I found the post stating Source as James Kolar’s “Foreign Faction”.

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