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Armchair Detective Solves the Case with a Huge Clue

In recent weeks Armchair Detective has been doing overtime trying to prove that Nichol Kessinger was at the Watts home. If shadows can have double [or triple, or quadruple] meanings, if alarms could be triggered by anyone, why not semantics too?

At around 19:28 Armchair Detective plays his hand. Are you ready?

It’s established here that when Chris Watts refers to Nickole Atkinson, he calls her “Nicole.” When he refers to his mistress, it’s “Nikki.” This is an incredible insight that changes everything!

Fullscreen capture 20200220 203459

Let’s look at this clip in context though, shall we?

The reporter is asking about Shan’ann’s friends calling frantically yesterday. Who else can it be except Nickole Atkinson? AD spells it “Nicole” which is not the right spelling for Nickole Atkinson or Nichol Kessinger, but two years later, why would anyone expect him to get silly details like that right?

And now the reveal – are you ready to have your socks blown off?

At 19:38 Armchair Detective edits in what appears to be a slip.

WATTS: When Nikki’s [snaps fingers] son…uh…tried to move the door around…when they were trying to get in the door, garage door-

The audio cuts abruptly at this point.

That couldn’t be a reference to “Nicole”, it just couldn’t be. Armchair Detective says this was a slip; it wasn’t Nikki’s son…it was NIKKI [snap snap snap]. He said “Nikki” so it’s a slip, right, he can ONLY be referring to Kessinger, right? Has he nailed it? Was it actually Nichol Kessinger who set off the Vivint alert on Sunday night, early Monday morning?

Uuhhhhhh…hold on…why does the discovery refer to exactly what Watts was saying to Coonrod when he stood beside Trinastich’s TV: that Nicolas and “Nicole” [Atkinson] set off the alarm…

Fullscreen capture 20200220 210209

Fullscreen capture 20200220 210036

So the alarm thing isn’t a slip.

How about the Nikki-thing? Was that a slip?

Shan’ann and her friends [like Cristina Meacham] often referred to their friend Nickole Atkinson as Nikki, including during the Live she did from the rooftop pool in late June 2018 when Nickole won her auto bonus.

Fullscreen capture 20200220 205051


There are also references by Chris Watts to Nickole Atkinson as Nikki while talking to Officer Lines:

Fullscreen capture 20200220 205357

And Nichol Kessinger referring to Watts referring to Nickole Atkinson as Nikki.

Fullscreen capture 20200220 205106

Fullscreen capture 20200220 205151

So let’s do a logic check. We saw Nicolas Atkinson on the scene for almost an hour, actively interfering. We saw Nickole’s car. Witnesses saw her. What were they doing there? Trying to get into the house over several hours. They were looking for someone they cared about. The interference was such that Watts called Nickole Atkinson [how did he know to call her, because he saw her on the ring doorbell camera] and told them to quit messing with his door – because that’s what they were doing. And because that’s when they set the alarm off, purposefully and deliberately.

Pick your reality:


Or this?

Or did Nichol Kessinger really levitate to the scene and levitate out of it, for no reason, while she was on a phone call late on a Sunday night when her adulerer’s spouse was due to come. Her and her car unseen. And why would Watts who was super careful for weeks on end not to let Shan’ann know about the affair, allow alarms to go off when he was there? Would he like to alert Shan’ann, the neighborhood and leave digital traces on the security system for what he’s about to do, or would he like to not do that?

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  1. Carol Kraft

    AD strikes {cough} out {cough} again 😂🤣

    • Jp

      Omgawd that’s so funny. I would love to show the lady who did mention the shadows before AD this pic lol

  2. Sylvester

    Here’s Armchair Detective with Miss Kessinger

  3. Juliew

    😂like the Austin powers! Hopefully you can clearly see the ponytail and handbag on my shadows. Seriously though this woman has made the mistake of sleeping with the wrong person and, judging by some of the comments that this and similar channels inspire with blatant and unevidenced accusations, she must be at risk from some of these clowns. Not right.

  4. Sylvester

    I think AD would love to draw her out of hiding. But if he keeps going on about her he might get sued, by her father. I can’t see the pony tail and handbag in your shadows picture. But now I have a theory what it was Watts was picking up in the driveway. I thought okay, if it’s not Bella, what is it? And I think I know what it is, but I’ll have to watch the video another 5,000 times to be sure.

  5. Richard

    According to AD’s latest video, Watts is now a software developer and uses GIT (software management or data entry management).
    Unbelievable but 900 viewers thinks he AD is god.
    I did try to point out that changes to GIT (like deletion of entries) end up creating conflicts that have to be manually fixed in order for subsequent updates to work but this was lost in the chat.
    Grr, some people really do clutch at straws.

  6. Sylvester

    Where would Watts be a software developer – in jail? It did occur to me that if Kessinger was actually in Watt’s driveway on the morning in question, wouldn’t she have shown up on his doorbell camera? Even if he deleted it, I would think something would indicate he had deleted it. Or would AD say she parked a block away and hoofed it to his house, then somehow came around back and was let in there. Or are we to believe during the 111 minute phone call he told her to show up around 5 a.m. to help him load the truck. It’s all so preposterous, and has absolutely nothing to do with real detective work. Armchair Dingbat.

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