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BREAKING: First Look at the House where Chris Watts grew up as a boy and young man

It was Chris Watt’s high school teacher, Joe Duty, who first revealed on August 16th where his former pupil grew up – Vass Road on the outskirts of a small town called Spring Lake, in North Carolina. The question until now has been exactly where – which house – on Vass Road?

Thanks to a tip left overnight on a post dedicated to where Watts grew up on Vass Road, that mystery has been solved. The tip turns out to be correct. Although it was obvious that the houses up and down Vass Road are modest, especially compared to the mint-new two story mansion + basement the Watts family were living in on Saratoga Trail, it was important to establish the specific house.

And now we have.

Before I take you through the corroboration process, let’s zoom in on the house in question.

Fullscreen capture 20181010 100045

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Now the street view. Below, that’s the view from 1107 Vass Road across the street. One of the neighbors appears to be fairly well off; they even have a boat, and a decent-sized home. The house next door with the collapsed boundary fence is in less great shape.

Also, notice the 45 mph sign beside the road.

Fullscreen capture 20181010 083059

This is the Watts home seen from Vass Road

Fullscreen capture 20181010 093332

It appears to be single story, and it’s so small it’s barely visible behind a single large tree. Notice the drainage ditch in the foreground, on either side of the driveway.

Below is the same image zoomed in slightly.

Fullscreen capture 20181010 083222

Is that a temporary pool peeking out of the back garden? Are those pink and green shapes kids’ cars?

Now the confirmation. The mail box has the word WATTS printed in white letters on it right outside the house. Again, notice the drainage ditch behind the mailbox.

Fullscreen capture 20181010 083207-001

Below is a photo taken by Shan’ann of Ronnie Watts, Chris Watts’ father shoveling silt and dirt from the drainage channel in front of the Watts family home on Vass Road.

Notice the 45 mph sign behind him, the redbrick house with white pillars, and the collapsed boundary fence in the right corner.

36783674_10155544221391935_2770918066777751552_nFullscreen capture 20181010 090400Fullscreen capture 20181010 090535

Shan’ann posted a picture of Ronnie inside the house on Saratoga Trail on Father’s Day June 27th, 2018.

Both Shan’ann’s dad Frank and his son Frankie commented on the post, wishing their brother and father-in-law respectively a Happy Father’s Day. It’s not clear whether Chris Watts or Ronnie responded. If they did their responses have been removed.

Fullscreen capture 20181010 09483335489451_10155500359641935_8823844283376205824_n


Why does the house on Vass Road matter? In TWO FACE I fielded a theory that Chris Watts [and Shan’ann to some extent] had come from very humble beginnings. Nothing wrong with that. But when contrasting those humble beginnings with the picture-postcard fairy tale house they were living in in Frederick, then those humble beginnings do matter.

They matter because they ask a few ordinary and obvious questions:

  1. Were the Watts family living beyond their means?
  2. How far beyond their means were they living?

We didn’t really need to see this house to know the answer. The bankruptcy filing in 2015 and the Watts’ colossal debt answers these questions definitively. But seeing the house raises the spectre that regardless whether Chris Watts could afford the house or not, whether he deserved it or not, one can see how much he was likely to want to hold onto the new house, no matter what.

What do you think? Did the big fairy tale house in the prairie play into the motive to murder?

Fullscreen capture 20181009 113842

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  1. Seymour Glass

    Did anyone see the video of Shan’ann next to Chris, who had CeCe on top of his shoulders, and Bella, who was holding hands with Chris’ dad? Chris’ mom never looked or spoke with Shan’ann while on video. I felt badly for her. She was taking a video of them walking together, and Chris’ parents seemed quite cold towards Shan’ann. They did not engaged with her, even though she did a shout out to “Papa” while she walked behind them.

    I also read a comment that Chris’ mom supposedly served pistachio ice cream in front of CeCe knowing that she had a nut allergy. Apparently, this got Shan’ann so upset that she refused to speak to Chris’ mom before their deaths. I don’t know how true this story is, but it’s floating around.

    If this story is true, then I would say Chris’ mom has characteristics of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). If you ask someone with NPD “please, don’t do this”, they will do precisely that b/c you asked not to. I experienced this so much that I stopped sharing my thoughts or desires because it placed me in a vulnerable position. It’s like telling a known thief you will be in Greece for the next 10 days, and giving them your house key to take care of your beloved dog.

    The only way to survive a domineering parent(s) with this condition is go gray rock or go no contact. Going gray rock is adopting a non-emotional response system when having to interact with narcissists. Narcissists thrive on emotional reactions simply because it’s a easy way to manipulate others.

    This may explain why Chris is emotionless and introverted. If he had a dominate, controlling mother apt to play mind games, then he would have gone gray rock early on to survive. That may explain a lot.

    • Maggi

      This is very telling !
      This grandmother is a textbook narcist.

    • Jianne Miller

      Great theory ! And i agree !! I have A sister like that who i have No contact with !!

    • Tonya

      I completely agree.. I couldn’t have said it better myself

  2. BAMS13

    I personally think the narcissist label is thrown around a little too Willy Nilly.
    Apparently everyone has narcissistic traits to some degree without making them full blown narcs.
    Maybe CW Mother simply did not like SW or maybe we aren’t hearing the whole story. I also thought it was pretty rude for SW to call her MIL out in FB groups and then give her a “FU” at the end of her rant. I don’t think she was the angel everyone makes her out to be.

    With regards to the Watts house, it appears SW was the one who had a big house before she met CW. She was the one who came across as materialistic and wanted all the nice things in life. Surely people saw pics of her “Cinderella” massive purple walk-in closet with a million pairs of shoes? People who knew CW allege he was simple and not flashy at all. Nothing in any of the videos points to a guy who cares about appearances or material wealth, that was all SW. CW, to me, just seemed like a true family man who worked and looked after his kids.

    • Jianne Miller

      Then smothered them

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