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3 X Videos of Shan’ann Watts and Bella you probably haven’t seen before…

The second video provides a useful view of the approach to the front of the house, the driveway, the garage, the shadows playing right to left and the view of the neighbor’s house.


  1. Sideaffected

    Thanks Nick. That last one has given me a fresh perspective on Sha’naan. I’m sure many of us here have had thoughts abt Munchausen/attention-seeking with her and the kids’ surgeries and illnesses. (Certain youtubers will tell you you’re going to hell for even thinking it-but come on.)

    That being said, her demeanor in this video makes me think that she doesn’t, at least not the way I imagined it. I used to have a friend with borderline personality disorder-she was the funniest and most fun person I ever met but eventually I had to cut her off because she was insane (and mean when angered). Anyway, she had diabetes. She was one of those ppl-everything was a competition for who has suffered more. If you mention your dog is sick, she’d literally get jealous and be like “well I have TWO dogs and they both have AIDS!” Everything on her Facebook was “diabetes awareness” blah blah blah. Because I knew her I knew it was a pity thing for ppl who didn’t know her as well. I don’t get that vibe from SW at all. I think her identity is completely wrapped up in having lupus and I would find it completely annoying if I were married to her. However I think she genuinely has it or believes she has it (if she really got a spinal tap and everything, we can assume she most likely does-I couldn’t go get a lumbar puncture just ‘cause.) At least she doesn’t seem disingenuous to me. The friend I mentioned would be trying to look sad but you’d see her smiling and trying to suppress it. We don’t see that here. SW here comes across as genuinely sweet, naive (“just want everything to be perfect”) and not an attention-seeker in the same way I’d sort of imagined. She believes what she’s saying (except having just got out of the shower ha.)

    Also, CW really echoes everything everyone else says. I just wanna shake him and say “is there anybody in there???” He’s very stilted and disingenuous (which I guess he is aware of now.) What was he like around NK when he could “be himself” when they weren’t having sex? All we really see/know is videos like this and the duplicity of Chris (like what he was texting his co-workers after murdering his children.) Which makes him look like an absolute psycho. Is that all that’s “in there”? What is he like when he’s not disingenuous and trying to get away with murder or committing it? That’s what I wanna know.

    • nickvdl

      I’d love to have more information on the circumstances surrounding that car wreck she was in. The amazing thing about this case – you can have a blog like this updating daily for months, and social media accessing and recycling and leveraging content, and you know hundreds, possibly thousands are actively, purposefully WITHHOLDING information daily, monthly, annually, in a concerted group effort to protect one another’s privacy [read: skeletons].

  2. Sylvester

    That car wreck – It’s been hovering around in the back of my mind for some time now. Chris said she had a scar on her forehead which you could see when she got mad, was it? That she was injured from her windshield glass. And, that it could have been the beginning of her migraine headaches. I have a friend who took vicodin for her migraine headaches. She wasn’t an addict, but said it worked as it knocked her out. That was back in 1995 or so. So it’s worth finding out about it. There has got to be an accident report somewhere about it. Or did it ever happen? Was it a plea for attention I wonder? What year was it – it was before she and Chris started dating I think, what county, find the local newspaper for that county, city and state and it might be archived online. Who was at fault too.

    • Ralph Oscar

      SW had had neck surgery – I think that injury was from the car accident. You could see the scar on her left side of her neck and there are plenty of pictures showing her in a neck brace. I think that was the context for that friend of hers coming to stay with them for a couple months, to help out during her recuperation. Neck injuries can cause headaches, too. I dunno, though, I suspect SW of hypochondria, and “a migraine” is easy to say you have when you don’t – she was always out for the attention.

      • mitzi2006

        Her dad said in his interview that she was young when she started suffering terribly from migraines and was actually hospitalized at times when she got one. It’s also a symptom of Lupus

        • Ralph Oscar

          Okay. I’m just thinking of an in-law, a family who lived on the farm. When it was time to slaughter the hogs and make sausage and everything, she’d always retire to her room with a migraine until her husband and sons had finished everything.

          • JC

            Okay, Ralph, and that reminds me of a Mark Twain quote. “Those that respect the law and love sausage should watch neither being made.”

          • Ralph Oscar

            Fair enough, fair enough.

  3. Sylvester

    I just want the year the accident happened, and where. She was Shannan King then.

    • Shannon

      I will try to investigate this also.

      • Shannon

        I looked all over for “accident”, a million ways….nothing yet.
        Also “diabetic”, since both were supposed to have it….nothing yet.

      • thetinytech2018

        So I did a local search of the paper in Aberdeen. It didn’t return anything in the archives under the name Shanann King, however under her maiden name Rzucek it returned four results from the early to mid 90s. Here is the link:

        Nothing to do with a car accident anywhere in North Carolina. The papers detail drawings from children in elementary school and other seemingly mundane things, yet I can’t find any such mention of Shananns car accident. Searched motor vehicle accidents under all known names and aliases, yet nothing. Even found articles from when she did a drawing as a kid and articles pertaining to Make-A-Wish from when she worked at “Dirty South Customs” (and of course took credit for renovating a mustang when she was not involved at all, claiming “her budget went over but she didn’t ask make a wish for a bigger stipend” yet she wasn’t the owner or a mechanic so…) yet I cannot find anything regarding her being in an accident.

        Is it possible it happened outside of NC? I tried searching every state in the US and nothing. Considering the paper in Aberdeen covers fender-benders from the nineties, you’d think I could find something but no luck this far.

        I have a huge scar on my arm and I often fib about it’s origin because I got it as a child and don’t feel like explaining how it occurred. Perhaps she did the same?

        • Ralph Oscar

          *Thank you* for going to the trouble, TT! That’s great information, even if it isn’t exactly what we were looking for.

  4. SRC

    This is embarrassing, but true…when I saw just part of the title for this blog, “3 X Videos of Shan’ann…,” I thought, “Oh, my gosh! What now?!” I thought it was referring to porn.

    • thetinytech2018

      That same thought, although however fleeting, did come into mind for a moment as well. Could you imagine? People would still disregard it if it was some variety of adult material, they want NK to be the “porn queen that aided in killing the children”, even if there’s only freckles of truth within. If it doesn’t fit their narrative or what they want to believe, then it gets pushed into an “atlas obscura” of sorts.

  5. JH

    I’ve watched many of her videos, been following this case since day one.
    Not knowing her personally, I’m not even going to assume whether she’s
    a hypochondriac or not.
    I think it’s mostly interpretation, and who’s watching.
    There’s no valid reason to believe she doesn’t have lupus, or she’s
    making anything up.
    SRC, you’re too funny! Really?

    • thetinytech2018

      Really? Friends of the family said that “anytime a commercial came on for an ailment or illness, she (Shanann) claimed she and/or the kids was afflicted with it”. Obviously I’m paraphrasing, but if people who are more “acquaintances” than actual close friends noticed this, then that’s a bit telling, don’t you think?

      Everyone’s human and everyone makes mistakes, has flaws or is imperfect. By no means does anybody imply that she deserved to die a horrible death because she was a flawed human being like everyone else on this planet.

      That being said it appears she doctor shopped for her and the kids until she got a diagnoses that she thought suitable for the children. Shanann seemed to be very much average, and obviously there’s nothing wrong with that. She didn’t excel in school academically or socially (quite the contrary according to some teachers), she wasn’t ugly but she wasn’t drop dead gorgeous, she never excelled at any jobs including her MLM independent contractor gig that bled the family finances dry, had no formal education and so on. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it seems it bugged her to be “just average” in a sense. She didn’t stand out, and perhaps that’s when she started using her illness (whether they were real or not) to garner that extra attention she so desperately craved.

  6. Sheis

    Sorry if it offends, but I think Shanann had factitious disorder and imposed that nonsense on her helpless kids. I won’t go so far as to say that it was Munchhausen’s-by-Proxy, because she didn’t harm them in order to get the attention. But I think she blew things WAYYY out of proportion for sympathy and backpats. I’m pretty sure she was laying the groundwork for a special ADHD diagnosis for Celeste.

    All the signs are there.

    Interestingly, she didn’t impose ANY illnesses on Chris.

  7. Go Figure

    She is, actually she noticed something wasn’t right with something on Chris’s penis, she made him go get it checked & it was cancer. She saved his life & he took hers. And for the ones questioning her car wreck, lupus, business savvy & diagnosing her with a BS syndrome she didn’t have is incredibly low class. Her wreck, her illnesses, the kids allergies & her being extremely business savvy is all true & has already been verified plenty of times, plenty of groups have had the info y’all are talking about on there. Even Chris said she was making the same amount as him if not more. Her friends never said nothing like that over her with commercials. His family started that mess. I hope since his nice, long, detailed confession that included them being all up in his head over their hatred for her, I hope that them & everyone else has been choking on their jealousy & hateful words about her. There was no reason other than that BS story the cop put in his head & he ran with it, in his own words, that would’ve called for what he did to her. Even fukd her before killing her, that beautiful little Bella saw everything then begged him not to kill her too. That’s a soulless monster. She was a good person, great mother, wife, friend, worker.
    So how about questioning why he was such a monster that’s talking all his God talk now after cheating & killing his family for a fugly, atheist that was into 3somes & was dating other guys besides Chris. Why don’t any of you question wtf was wrong with his thinking skills or giving him a syndrome that you pulled outta your ass cause you’re no Dr capable of saying she had that but question what she was known to have. Ffs, all the victim blaming. I hope the inmates gets your Golden boy like they did Dahmer in that same pod. Maybe that’s why he’s on yet another suicide watch again.

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