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The first "incident" with Nichol Kessinger happened on July 4th, just 4 days into their rollercoaster summer romance

When Chris Watts was asked if he and Kessinger ever fought, and about what, Watts cuts to the bone. They argued about her always being “second”, and this just four days into their dalliance.
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Now imagine how that had to feel five weeks later into their summer romance, with Shan’ann hours away from returning to end it all. Isn’t that what their 111 minute conversation was about on the night of August 12th…?
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What we also see here is when Kessinger doesn’t get her way, there’s a consequence. A punishment.
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July 4th was also the day Kessinger went to Watts’ home for the first time.
In his Second Confession Watts’ claimed Kessinger  went to his house once. Kessinger said she went to his house twice, the second time on July 14th or 15th.
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  1. CBH

    Really not the ideal situation for a woman to be in. She knew better, so can’t say she wasn’t forewarned.
    I’m sure that’s the reason she “couldn’t remember” the content of that call. Her nagging him about his family for 111 minutes wouldn’t look good in retrospect with a family annihilated.

    • Clean Queen

      Absolutely. If anything, I think this second interview illustrated that Nichol was much more aware of the situation with Chris’s family than she let on. Not surprising, of course. I also think it highlighted the fact that Nichol is perhaps a bit less mentally and emotionally stable than she appeared to be.

      • CBH

        Absolutely agree.

  2. Georgia

    So after saying it was better they didn’t see each other the rest of the day she went to the family home for lunch, then again later that day she invited him to hers. Bit of a knee jerk reaction she couldn’t hold to. Attempting to protect herself and establish boundaries but not able to.

  3. Lynn

    Didn’t any of his neighbours notice her being around his house and also didn’t his neighbours notice he was never hone at night? Who looked after his dog all those nights?

    • chipnanna

      I think he neglected the dog, he viewed Deiter not as a living, unique animal with it’s own personality, but he viewed him as part of Shanann since he was Shanann’s dog. In the police cam videos at the house, he payed a bit of attention to the neighbor’s dog, but none to Dieter, even though the dog was barking a lot. I felt awfully sorry for poor Dieter in those videos after Shanann & the girls were gone.

  4. Shannon

    NK was testing him, his commitment to her.
    She was insecure and, but liked him and felt threatened by Shanann.
    Was he really going to leave his wife.

  5. chipnanna

    It’s not hard to believe that NK has bipolar disorder, CW might’ve told the truth about that. I seen signs of a severe personality disorder like NPD or BPD or at least some type of mental disoerder in ALL of her interviews. There’s something about the way she acts & talks that, IMO, could be signs of mania, a phase of bipolar disorder, but without knowing her history, it’s not easy to know. But over-all, I think that the signs she shows of some type of mental disorder are quite obvious to everyone, even those who aren’t familiar with psychology, and that’s the major reason why so many people are disgusted by her demeanor, voice, body language, & personality- they can see something is not right about her.

    • Sideaffected

      I disagree that that’s why people don’t like her. Most people with the exception of this site seem to think she had foreknowledge of the crime, covered up evidence, and a surprising amount of people think she was directly involved. I think the real reason is they just think she’s a homewrecking slut who agree with Chris that she “took him by a leash” and “led him” astray. Not like he’s a grown-ass man who is responsible for who he sleeps with.
      I also don’t see evidence of mental illness-doesn’t mean she’s not, but in her interviews there isn’t nearly enough information to diagnose her with a mood or personality disorder. Also, we are hearing this from Chris-cause Chris is a truthteller right? According to his parents SW was also a narcissist and maybe bipolar? They like to diagnose people, which they aren’t qualified to do unless I’m mistaken. I am not “yelling” at you btw. I just don’t know why people believe everything Chris is saying-if it was bad abt SW they’d stick up for her but NK is not dead so it’s “see! I knew it!” And I’m not sure what his motive is yet.

      • Sheis

        Sideaffected, just wanted to chime in to say that I was very sympathetic to NK’s plight, initially. A single girl just having a fling with a guy who lied about being married, then she finds out he murdered his family! Poor Nichol!
        Then the discovery and interviews came out, and my perspective changed significantly. It wasn’t about her being a “home wrecker” at all, okay? It was her other behavior. I’m not judging her on being with a married man; I’m judging her on shifty behavior. There’s a lot of it.

  6. Kaye

    For her to be so needy at that point indicates their emotional affair had to have started earlier than June 1. It’s pretty coincidental that she suggests they meet up after the San Diego trip. I still think she saw Shananns video talking about the summer travel plans, so she knew Chris would be on his own then.
    It was amusing in the interview when he said that NK just wanted sex all the time and he said “well, Ok.” Like gee I had to help her out; she wouldn’t take no for an answer. Ha! “Poor” Chris—all these things just happen to him without his acting on anything.

    • Ralph Oscar

      I knew someone whose boyfriend cheated on her – on her birthday, with someone he’d just met that same day. He worked for a bank and they’d talked on the phone several times first, then they’d met up at a baseball game sponsored by the bank. When the girlfriend reminded him that it was her birthday, he huffed that he guessed he should cancel this work outing and spend time with her grump grump. She, all idealistic and trusting, told him no, he should go ahead with his colleagues and they’d celebrate on the weekend. He ended up going back to the out of town woman’s hotel room with her after the game and she told him, “You aren’t leaving here tonight.”
      After that night, he started treating his girlfriend badly. The girlfriend had to piece all this together because he wouldn’t tell her – just kept saying crap like “You’re putting too much pressure on me and it makes me want to run.” When she finally put all the pieces together and confronted him, he bleated, “I felt so guilty I almost *couldn’t*!”
      “Oh, but not *too* guilty,” she observed.
      “I guess not,” he said.

  7. Daily Renewal

    This man is a liar. I doubt he will ever tell the truth.

  8. SandySouth

    It says that NK went to CW’s house to help him set up fitness apps. I wonder if NK also helped CW set up that fake calculator app where he secretly stored pictures of them as a couple and racy pics of NK? Where did CW get the idea of how to hide those pictures on his phone to begin with?

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